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New Items


I have some new items to sell, so have a look :D


* A (ace): Toshi No.1 & No.3: each 7€; No.2: 5€

1st line: Reika  each 8€

2nd line: Minase/ Reika each 10€ 

* Kiryu Kurosaki Mahiro: each 14€

* ex. Vidoll Shun: each 10€

* Alsdead: each 9€

* Lycaon: each 10€

* ex. Dio/ Moran - Ivy: 9€

* Nega - Yuu: 9€


* Dir en grey - D'espair in the Womb: please make a fair offer

* Sadie - Master of Romance Live 2009: SOLD

* Phantasmagoria - Chrastal Final (picture will follow): 36€ SOLD

All items are in mint condition~



Mobile Straps & Key Charms

* Dir en Grey 6 € SOLD
* Kagrra 6€
(both consists of 10 pictures, longer than the usual mobile straps as you can see when you compare them to the lighter)


* Dir en Grey 4€ ON HOLD
* Rentrer en Soi


* Vidoll: 15€

* Girugamesh  Face towel: 8€


* the GazettE - Pulse wrigling to black, Bandana (Tour 2007): 20€ SOLD

* the GazettE Mousepad: 8€
(Picture: back and front )



* the GazettE - Fanclub Magazines: Garish Room Vol.2, Vol.6 and Vol.7: Please make me an offer.

* Neo Genesis Vol.14 [with 2 Poster] (the GazettE, Vidoll, Alice Nine, An Cafe, Miyavi, Mucc, Plastic Tree, LM.C) 12€
* Neo Genesis Vol.15 [with 2 Poster] (SID, An Cafe, Nightmare, the GazettE, Ayabie, Alice Nine) 12€  SOLD
-> (front and back cover)

* SHOXX bis No.14 (the GazettE, D, Alice Nine, Kra,  LM.C) 9€
* Arena37°C (the GazetE, Kawamura Ryūichi [Luna Sea], Miyavi) 9€
* SCHOCK Wave No.2 (An Cafe, Platic Tree, Nightmare, Shoujo Lolita 23Q, Vidoll) 9€ SOLD
* ZY No.35 [with special DVD] (the GazettE, D, Miyavi, Merry, Nightmare, Mucc, Alice Nine, SID13€

* SHOXX Vol.170 (Nightmare, Kagrra, Mucc, the GazettE, D'espairs Ray, Alice Nine, An Cafe) 9€
* SHOXX Vol.172 (the GazettE, Nightmare, Kaggra, D'espairs Ray, Alice Nine, An Cafe, Plastic Tree) 9€ SOLD
* SHOXX Vol.173 (Nightmare
, the GazettE, Kagrra, Mucc, Alice Nine, An Cafe, SID) 9€  SOLD
* SHOXX Vol174 (the GazettE, SID, An Cafe, D'espairs Ray, Ayabie, D, Phantasmagoria) 9€ SOLD

* Cure No. 5 2008 (Rentrer en Soi, Chariots): 9€
* Cure No.12 2008 (Dio, Matenrou Opera)
: 10€ SOLD
-> (front and back cover)

* Gab Vol.47 (HERO, Alice Nine, heidi.,Megamasso, Oz, Toon Factory, Hana Shounen Buddies, Kiryu) 3€
* Gab Vol.48 (Megamasso, Golden Bomber, Girugamesh, Vivid, A, vNEU, R-Shitei, ZUCK, Lycaon,Kiryu) 3€
* Gab Vol.49 (Shoujo Lolita 23Q, Lost Ash, Administrator, Virgil, Kiryu, Lycaon, Guild, Fest Vainqueur, D'eiz, Neo) 3€
* Vinyl Syndicate (12012) 2€
* Vinyl Syndicate (Sex Pot Revenge Special) 1€

Photosets/ Autographs/ Posters

Photosets/ Autographs

* Versailles Photoset: 12€
* Screw Photoset: 12€

* the Fool Gunji signed Photo: 8€

* Sisen Autograph: please make an offer


* Dir en Grey: big sized: 6€

* Moi Dix Mois:  big sized, never folded: 6€

CD/ DVD/ Demo CD/ Comment DVD


* D - Schwarzschild: 8€

* the Gazette: filth in the beauty (auditory impression): 8€

* the Gazette: regret (auditory impression): 8€

* Dir en Grey- Glass Skin (1st press with sticker): 9€ SOLD
* Dir en Grey - Dozing Green (limited Editon with sticker): 10€

* Cross Gate 2008 Undercode Production & Sherrow Artist Society: 15€
(Chariots, Matenrou Opera, Nega, Juka, Siva, Versailles)

 * Rin - the end of corruption world - As if forever exist (limited Editon A) with Photocard: 15€ SOLD

* Sincrea - X'mas Day  (1stpress) with Hiro Photocard: 10€ ON HOLD

* Izabel Varosa - Juliet (produced by Kamijo): 7€

* Gackt - Moon (eu. Edition): 11€

* L'Arc~en~Ciel - arc (full album, Japanese limited 1st Press, Jewelery Case & special booklet) : 10€
(case is a little bit damaged)

Demo CD's

*Phase faith 2€

* Dog in the parallel world orchester - One: 2€
* Misaruka - Merrow (3th Maxi Single): 2€ SOLD
* Byakura: 2€

* LucaRia signed!!

Comment DVD's

*Undercode Production ~Graduation &Departure~ : 5€
(Live Only DVD from their Live in Shibuya(14.02.2007), including Vidoll, Phantasmagoria, 12012)


!! Important !!

宝石赤 Payment in € - PayPal or Bank Transfer (Germany)
宝石赤 Prices do not include PayPal and Shipping Fees!
宝石赤 all items are in mint condition, I'm not responsible for lost or damaged items after shipping!
宝石赤 If you don't like the price, feel freee to make me a fair offer
宝石赤 I did not made pictures of everything, if you want to have a photo of a special item, feel free to ask  ニコニコ
宝石赤 Items marked like this are already sold

音譜 You can find all items here 音譜

CD/ DVD/ Demo CD/ Comment DVD


Photosets/ Autographs/ Posters

Magazines/ Flyers


Tourshirts/ Visual Kei Clothing

If you are interested in one or more items, please leave a comment or write me a pm ニコニコ
NOTE: It seems that some user do not recieve my messages, so if you are waiting for a reply and do not recieve one withing 2 days, leave me comment!!



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